5 Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

5 Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

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To start with statistics of LinkedIn, it is one of the biggest social media platforms where you find many professionally oriented people. More than 80% of social media B2B leads are on LinkedIn. 

Many marketers prefer LinkedIn as their media marketing platform. This article helps you with LinkedIn marketing tools and focuses only on analytics. These tools help you to generate good results in LinkedIn marketing. 

Before diving into the LinkedIn Marketing Tools, it’s best to understand the benefits of using LinkedIn Marketing Tools.

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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking site created for the business community. The website’s objective is to make it possible for registered users to create and maintain professional networks of people they know and trust.

Professionals can use LinkedIn to investigate organizations, locate employment, and learn the latest business and industry news.

To give governments, businesses, employees, and educators data-driven insight into trends that help align workforce supply with demand globally, LinkedIn collects data from LinkedIn profiles.

What Are the Benefits of Using LinkedIn Marketing?

Making your presence known on a platform where individuals from all over the world congregate to interact and develop their professions and businesses are some of the advantageous features one can use on LinkedIn.

The most notable benefits of LinkedIn Marketing are listed below, along with information on how to use it: 

1. Lead generation

Everybody on LinkedIn is looking for something different. With the aid of LinkedIn marketing tools, you can accomplish a great deal on just one platform, leading to significant lead generation.

2. Establishing Trust

Your company or personal profile is essential to the success of your marketing activities. Displaying your highlighted accomplishments on your LinkedIn profile inspires the visitor to feel amazed and trust you, which could result in a lead.

3.  Targeted Advertising

Your marketing campaigns can tailor to a particular group of users who access the platform on mobile devices, laptops, and tablets with LinkedIn’s marketing tools, increasing traffic to your campaign.

4. Driving Traffic from the Busiest News Feed in the World

The most professional news feed in the world is on LinkedIn. With a carefully thought-out marketing campaign, you can attract the ideal prospects to your brand.

5. Engagements increase Popularity

When it comes to profile posts, LinkedIn’s interaction function is the most distinctive. There is a good potential that a particular post will become viral, and an effective marketing strategy will help you increase your engagement rates.

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

1. Zopto

Zopto is a well-known company like Canon and Tata. They may assist you in enhancing your LinkedIn exposure and identifying your target market. You can locate candidates to expand your network with the help of its sophisticated filtering and LinkedIn profile viewing tool.

It also provides a wide range of automation features to assist you in developing several campaigns for diverse target markets and niches. It comes with sophisticated scheduling and high-converting templates to ensure your campaigns are more profitable. 

For instance, it considers the prospect’s time zone so that communications will only appear within the prospect’s business hours. The A/B testing and valuable information can then work to enhance your campaigns even more.

2. LinkedIn Helper 2

Whether you are an individual or a member of a larger company, Linked Helper can assist you in achieving your personal and professional objectives. Despite only being in business for four years, they have already increased their user base to over 90,000 users! (provide a source)

Linked Helper is all the assistance you require if you want to expand your LinkedIn network. It will include a personalized remark and automatically send invitations to specific second and third-level contacts. You may employ it to create clever message chains that can react to freshly additional connections without human intervention. 

3. E- Link Pro

The view backs principle underlies how eLink Pro operates. It is predicated on the idea that if you visit the LinkedIn profiles of your target market, they are more likely to do the same for you and visit your profile.

Performing this task manually is not possible, so e-link Pro comes into play because it can automate this tiresome task. While LinkedIn recommends capping it at 1,000 views daily, e-link Pro advises limiting it to 800 views per day.

If you decide to take this route, it is best to subscribe to its Pro plan, which costs $49 per month. You may automate your LinkedIn marketing in this manner. It does provide a free trial if you want to try it out first. The free trial is preferable to nothing despite only being five days long.

4. Dux-Soup

One of the most affordable LinkedIn marketing solutions is Dux-Soup. It offers a Free plan, something that only some tools do. The Free plan’s auto-filter features let you find prospects even though it is a very minimal plan.

The Professional package ($14.99 per user per month) is preferable if generating leads is your top priority. You may organize and share profile data with this plan’s complete feature set.

But given that the Turbo, its most costly plan, only costs $55 per user per month, choosing this path upfront can make more sense in the long term. This package also has automated follow-up options to create numerous drip campaigns, a performance tracker, and more. You can also connect your CRM and workflow integrations. 

5. Linktree

All links are housed under one roof, Linktree. Although its connection options are somewhat constrained, LinkedIn is an excellent site for networking and staying up to date on industry news. Your profile or article may appear as spam if you add links in fewer places.

Create a landing page with all your vital links with Linktree if you want to share a range of links with your connections. Although it primarily focuses on Instagram, LinkedIn can benefit significantly from it because LinkedIn now permits anyone with a creator account to put a single, obvious link to their bio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LinkedIn a tool for marketing?

LinkedIn has great potential as a marketing tool like other social media sites. However, the audience you're attempting to target and the method you use to engage with that audience both play a role in how well your techniques perform on this platform.

What are LinkedIn advertising's four pillars?

The Four Social Selling Pillars
Build A Professional Brand.
Locate Your Prospective Customers
Interact With Them Using Insights
Create Long-Lasting Business Bonds.

Is marketing on LinkedIn expensive?

Although LinkedIn advertising is more expensive in comparison to other social media networks, it is unquestionably not excessive, considering the value it offers.

Wrapping Up

You must rely on the correct tool stack to stay ahead of the competition, notably the LinkedIn marketing tools, which are directly in charge of completely changing the way your organization operates.

Instead of purchasing countless tools, you may pick one comprehensive tool that can handle all of your social networking needs while staying within your budget. With this list of the best options available, you can now make the best decision. 

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