Best Native Advertising Platforms For Advertisers And Publishers

5 Best Native Advertising Platforms For Advertisers And Publishers

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What is a Native Advertising Platform?

Types of Native Advertising

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There are numerous ways to improve the visibility of your business, including traditional marketing, sales prospecting, digital advertising, and many others.  But have you ever heard of native advertising?

The increased interest in technologies like ad blockers has contributed to the demise of the conventional advertising system. In order to supplement their current ad earnings, an increasing number of publishers and advertisers are increasingly using native advertising platforms on their websites and blogs.

What is a Native Advertising Platform?

Through the synchronization of advertisements with digital content, native advertising platforms provide publishers and advertisers with an organic means of achieving their advertising objectives.

A native advertisement doesn’t resemble other advertisements. Instead, it seems to blend in seamlessly with the user’s view of the site’s content. Thus, content discovery can be ensured without degrading the user experience via native advertising systems that distribute advertisements in an unobtrusive manner.

Each effective marketing plan should have native advertising as a core component. To be as unobtrusive and discrete as possible, native advertisements mirror the environments in which they are displayed in an effort to grab and hold a user’s attention.

High engagement and precise brand positioning are guaranteed at this degree of familiarity. It’s very clear now that such a flexible ad style with so many options would become one of the most versatile kinds of advertising in the contemporary digital era.

Types of Native Advertising

There is still enough opportunity for publishers to show their native ads in a variety of ways, even though native ads appear to be a part of the total online content.

Types of Native Advertising
Types of Native Advertising

Content Recommendation

These recommendations for content and articles are native advertisements. They frequently appear at the bottom or in the center of the article you are reading.

In-Feed Promotion

These are native advertisements that go through your newsfeed on social media and look like regular posts. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram use them extensively.

Promoted Listings and Search

When you are seeking a certain service or product, these native advertisements are displayed directly at the top of your search engine results. The sidebar may also contain them.

Top Native Advertising Platforms

By making content more relatable and intriguing, native ads improve clickability. Native advertisements appear to be here to stay based on their proliferation in significant publications and across a range of areas. So, listed below are the various native advertising platforms you can utilize to promote your content.

1. Taboola

Taboola has emerged as the biggest discovery and top native advertising platform worldwide. Above all, Taboola makes it possible for users to discover fascinating and cutting-edge web content and gives publishers and advertisers the ability to buy, sell, and scale their traffic in efficient ways.

The majority of Taboola’s native adverts can be seen in customizable widgets that are located at the bottom, top, or side of the website. They can also be found in the main news feed.

Taboola makes it possible for advertisers and publishers to efficiently monetize their content. It’s a great option for Asian traffic as well, as clicks cost between 0.01 and 0.03 cents as opposed to 0.10 cents for US traffic.

Those of you interested in positioning and developing a strong brand with tailored native ads across premium websites can use this native ad network. 

Taboola can help you get there with the proper combination of audience segmentation and comprehensive data to continuously improve your native strategy, whether you’re up for achieving marketing KPIs at any stage of the purchase experience or you want to push unique, white-hat deals.


Redirect is quite popular since it enables users to purchase and sell traffic using a real-time auction mechanism. Among other things, one can purchase displays, email addresses, domains, pops, and RON (Run On Network) traffic.

All of the clients’ international traffic is monetized by Redirect’s clever geo-targeting system, guaranteeing a high RPM, also known as revenue per thousand impressions. One redirect link, which must be inserted into the system as a global geo-redirect link, is provided by 

For instance, if you want to take advantage of an offer that only currently accepts US traffic, the traffic from other countries will be forwarded to a link that geo-targets the traffic you passed up to a page where you may effectively monetize it.

3. Outbrain

One of the top platforms for self-serve native advertising is Outbrain. The company distributes approximately 3 trillion adverts to 1.3 billion unique visitors and generates more than 9 billion conversions globally each year, with an estimated current annual revenue of $136.7 million.

One-third of global consumers who use the open web to access content are connected to businesses, agencies, and advertising with the aid of Outbrain. And this is precisely where the advantages of an ad swap lie. Users of Outbrain can reach high-quality audiences via a vast five-star publisher network by partnering with a variety of top genres and publishers.

4. Nativo

In terms of pure native advertising, Nativo is difficult to surpass because it perfectly illustrates branded content in the context of publishing streams. The Nativo network, which is only five years old, is integrated on the publisher’s end and provides formatting for a wide range of screens and devices.

All advertising is created to complement the distinctive style of each journal, and every effort is made to make the process as simple as possible. It enjoys the support of several reputable publishers, which shows in its dedication to quality.

5. Revcontent

The top content marketing platform is Revcontent. This business, which specializes in content discovery, leverages cutting-edge algorithms and knowledgeable partnerships to connect marketers and publishers with high-quality target audiences to help them monetize their interactions.

Brands, media companies, affiliates, and other parties are all partners with Revcontent. The platform promotes itself as a source of highly relevant traffic. The great majority of publishers are actually rejected by this fastest-growing native advertising network since they don’t meet Revcontent’s quality standards. As a result, their advertisements may be certain to reach the top publisher sites worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of native advertising?

Native advertising is great for companies and brands who want to increase their brand awareness. It's also very good at increasing engagements and driving conversions.

How much does native advertising cost?

Native advertising is a cheap approach to establishing your brand and spreading the word. The cost varies on where and to how many people the advertisement is presented to, just like with any other kind of advertising. Budgets that are suggested for mid-sized businesses often range from $2,000 to $5,000 each month.

What other types of advertising can I use to boost my company’s brand?

There are a lot of different advertising types such as Social Media Advertising, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Print Advertising, Broadcast Advertising, and many more.

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Final Thoughts

You can profit from offering native advertising as a publisher whether your website provides content or media. Your customers will have an uninterrupted experience thanks to a native advertisement that blends in with your textual, visual, or audio presentation. 

The traditional web experience could be hampered by media ads that appeared suddenly or banner ads that blocked the screen, creating a disconnect with consumers. Because of this, it is now essential that advertisers also rely on more natural forms of advertising. Exactly that is provided by native advertising.

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