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Best Email Marketing Automation Tools

Even though the marketing trends are evolving, email marketing remains constant. If you are a marketer, you will be aware of the role of emails in marketing and its benefits. 

Email marketing is an important strategy in which the marketers promote and inform customers about products, discounts, etc., through emails. As emails have a significant role in marketing, you should focus on generating strong emails from scratch. If your emails lack quality, it will eventually affect the ROI and productivity of the marketing strategies. 

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Why Does Email Marketing Automation Matter? 

Email marketing automation is a method of generating emails and driving them to the right audience at the right time. So, let’s have a look at some of the advantages of email automation. 

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Some Advantages of Email Automation

  1. Email automation is great for personalizing the customer experiences. This can build a good relationship with target audiences and attract them.
  2. As the name suggests, It is an automatic process that reduces the workload of marketers. You can simply choose the criteria and switch the process.
  3. Email automation can generate leads through relevant and engaging content and email structure.
  4. It handles brand awareness through consistent email content that satisfies customer needs.

Here are some of the tools for email marketing automation. 

Best Tools For Email Marketing Automation


Hubspot - Email Marketing  Automation Tool
Hubspot – email marketing automation tool

Hubspot is the best platform to generate and share professional emails. The free version of the tool is easy-to-use and accommodating, even for beginners. You can rely on this free version for promotional emails, “thank you” emails, lead offer emails, etc. 

Some of the highlighting features which make HubSpot a great tool are: 

  • It is integrated with other tools of HubSpot, making it beneficial for people with an account. You will get access to other HubSpot tools. Through this, you can maintain a centralized contact and check marketing performance.
  • The tools provide a collection of ready-made templates. It leads to high customer engagement in the inbox.
  • You can design, edit, and give a professional look to your emails through a drag-and-drop editor.
  • It allows optimizing emails to analyze and improve marketing performance.
  • The software has features of A/B testing. It compares subject lines that are best for generating good leads.


OptinMonster Email Marketing Automation Tool
OptinMonster email marketing automation tool

OptinMonster is one of the best software preferable for marketing agencies, eCommerce websites, and startups. It satisfies the customers with its strong features based on different plans. It has excellent integrated tools and is compatible with many email marketing tools. 

Some of the features are: 

  • The software has a significant role in dividing customers based on their behavior and lead management.
  • It consists of templates with drag-and-drop features. It also includes customized fonts, custom success messages, and effects.
  • The software provides different types of forms. Some of them are inline, sidebar form, fullscreen overlays, slide-in scroll bars, etc.
  • You can also work on email campaigns with features. Some of the features are cookie retargeting, onsite retargeting, and behavioral automation.

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Sender Eamil Marketing Automation Tool
Sender Eamil marketing automation tool

The sender is a platform that is well known for its quality in deliverability. Along with other pricing plans, Sender also provides a free plan. You can easily generate around 15000 emails per month with various automation features. Due to these reasons, Sender is preferred for business and other professionals. 

Some of the features of Sender are: 

  • Users can create great newsletters without having proper knowledge of HTML.
  • It has a great gallery that consists of free and pre-made templates.
  • The drag-and-drop feature is beneficial in creating professional-looking emails.
  • You can track the effectiveness of the campaigns. Through robust analytics, you can figure out who opened or click the email.
  • The sender helps in customizing elements like images, videos, texts, etc.
  • It provides features to track marketing strategies. It also creates unique offers which can stand out from the competition.


Mail Chimp Email Marketing Automation Tool
Mail Chimp email marketing automation tool

Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing software which acts as a great tool for freelancers. It is also useful for startups, mid-sized, and large-sized enterprises alike. It provides users with a free subscription and a free trial. The tool is effective in email automation and avoiding manual tasks. 

  • Mailchimp is a tool that has features to store images and files. 
  • Along with automation, it also allows segmentation and helps in identifying which email works better. 
  • The free plan of Mailchimp provides basic features like creating emails, scheduling, and tracking the insights. 
  • The tool provides users with a collection of excellent and pre-designed templates. These tools can attract your target audience.
  • Mailchimp has great reporting features which are best for identifying the audience who are opening, clicking, or engaging in the campaigns. 


Send Pulse Email Marketing Tool
Send Pulse email marketing tool

SendPulse is one of the best email automation tools on the list. The tool supports multi-channels and allows marketers to create and optimize email marketing campaigns. 

The well-known features of SendPulse are: 

  • The tool is best for personalizing emails in terms of names, gender, age, and many more.
  • The SendPulse has great chatbot features supporting multichannel like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.
  • You can also design landing pages, online stores, link pages, and others in SendPulse. 
  • SendPulse has a great drag-and-drop feature which helps in generating great templates.
  • It provides a free CRM that helps you in storing information and reaching the emails to the target audience.
  • Email analytics help monitor and evaluate performance through graphs and reports. 

Benchmark Email

Bench mark Email Marketing Tool
Bench mark email marketing tool

Benchmark Email is a platform that allows marketers to create responsive emails. It has many features that attract users. Some of the highlighting features are: 

  • The software has a collection of pre-designed templates based on various themes like industry, occasions, etc. 
  • Benchmark Email has features to design landing pages through drag-and-drop options. 
  • You can easily edit emails and place effects and stickers in messages. The dual-view feature simplifies the editing process and generates more leads. 
  • The reporting feature of the software includes A/B testing and an inbox checker in generating better campaigns. 


Omnisend Email Marketing Tool
Omnisend email marketing tool

Omnisend is one of the great eCommerce marketing tools. The tool has a free plan which is only dedicated to emails. It helps in generating high-quality and relevant content through audience insights. 

Let’s have a look at some of the highlights.

  • It provides high-quality customizing templates according to your brand or business. 
  • You can easily edit the emails with a pre-built layout including coupons, plain texts, images, etc. 
  • Omnisend has effective segmentation features which can easily identify audiences and improve customer targeting. 
  • The web push notification allows the users to track the sales and improve conversions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Name the best Email Automation Tools

1. Hubspot
2. Optin Monster
3. Sender
4. Mailchimp
5. Sendpulse
6. Bench mark Email
7. Omnised

2. What are the features of OptinMonster?

1. The software has a significant role in dividing customers based on their behavior and lead management.
2. It consists of templates with drag-and-drop features. It also includes customized fonts, custom success messages, and effects.

3. Is SendPulse Email Automation?

Yes, Sendplus is one of the email automation tools that allows to support multi channels and allow marketers to create and optimize email marketing campaigns.

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These are some of the significant marketing automation tools providing free plans along with efficient features. Whether you are into a small business or a large business, these tools will help in effective email marketing. It reduces the manual workload and waste of time. Above all, these tools are also cost-effective. 

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If you are a person who is confused about choosing the best email marketing tools, this list of tools will help you in succeeding in email marketing campaigns. 

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