Best tools for Facebook ads

7 Best Tools for Facebook Ads

Many marketers think that marketing and tracking the results is difficult. However, this ends up as the result of lacking KPI planning and budget location. 

Facebook marketing is not complicated because many use this social media platform to grab qualified leads. There are many ways to enhance your Facebook marketing. The most prominent way to present your Facebook ad is by using the best tools.

In this article, you will learn about what Facebook ads are, how to create Facebook ads, and what are the best tools for Facebook ads.

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What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads are paid messages that businesses place on Facebook. These paid messages that are written with their own content, which helps to reach more people at one time. Facebook has over 2.9 billion people of monthly active users, so paid ads on the site are a great way to connect to just about any customer base. 

There are some best tools to use which enhance the growth of your Facebook advertisements. Let’s get into the tools used for Facebook ads. 

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What are the best tools for Facebook Ads?


Social Pilot is a Facebook tool to manage ads for solo entrepreneurs and agencies. It is trusted by 115,000+ online businesses. It helps to achieve the expected results quickly by adding your preferred Facebook account and getting your dashboard menu page. 

Social Pilot - Facebook Ad Tool
Social Pilot – Facebook Ads

Social Pilot has an easy way to boost your post. You can easily schedule your posts which are needed to be boosted before publishing. It also has powerful audience targeting options to reach many Facebook users and engage them with your ads. 

It also gives the user complete control over ad campaign options. With the help of the control, you can easily adjust the duration of the ad by choosing the days and spending parameters and making other changes for good results. 


  • It has the facility to analyze and monitor the performance of ad campaigns with Facebook analytical reports. 
  • You can choose multiple ad goals to engage more Facebook users’ reach, engagement, and traffic. 
  • It has powerful targeting options where you can customize the options for age, gender, location, demographics, etc.


AdEsperesso is a popular web-based Facebook ad manager tool. It can create, test, and optimize ads for social media. It has advanced options like generating custom PDF reports of Facebook ad campaigns. 

Ad Espresso - Facebook Ad Tool
Ad Espresso – Facebook Ad Tool

AdEspresso will not allow additional ads to a campaign once it’s submitted to Facebook because it slows down the process of campaign creation. 


  • AdEspresso helps to run tests to check the performance of multiple ad elements. 
  • It automatically generates PDF reports with campaign performance. 
  • Provides more data with the help of analytics. 
  • Free trials are available with credit cards. 
  • Since the ads are aligned in a single panel, the performance of the ads is easily monitored.


Funnel is one of the best Facebook ad managing tools to manage and optimize advertising on Facebook, especially for professionals. It is an advanced tool, but some might feel it is difficult to use. It is trusted by 1000+ of the world’s most data-driven companies.

Funnel - Facebook Ad Tool
Funnel- Facebook Ad Tool

Where companies advertise on an increasing number of different platforms, a funnel helps marketers to save their data. It enables combining the data from the web, sales, and CRM data. It makes it easier to monitor and report. It also leads to insights and marketing ROI. 


  • It helps in monitoring the audience with A/B testing to generate an advanced report. 
  • By clicking the special menu, you can easily create ads. 
  • It has a collection of ad templates that will help you to generate good designs. 
  • It has a target audience search engine that finds relevant Facebook users.
  • The library of ad templates with customized ad options. 


Adroll is running by using automation and CRM tools. In Adroll, you can target specific audiences on Facebook at various customer journey points and get detailed analytics on campaign performance. 

Ad Roll - Facebook Ad Tool
Ad Roll – Facebook Ad Tool

It supports single-image, video, and carousel ads. It offers single-format ads which you can optimize for all possible placements on Facebook and Instagram. It also formats for all available ad formats and which includes video-based advertising. 


  • It has the availability of free-version of Adroll, which gives the best comfort for agencies and large businesses. 
  • It has broad ad-targeting capabilities.
  • It is easy to create and promote ads for Facebook and Instagram. 
  • Adroll is a simple setup for retargeting campaigns.

The availability of the free version makes AdRoll an attractive option for businesses. However, the tool was created for agencies and large businesses, which means it is fairly complex to use for inexperienced users. It’s common for many small businesses and beginners to start with free accounts and end up investing thousands of dollars on campaigns they didn’t know how to manage.


Hootsuite is a Facebook ad tool that works for several social media platforms. It has a built-in tool for defining ad characteristics like shape, photo, and copy. It has the most affordable plan for three social media accounts. 

Hootsuite - Facebook Ad Tool
Hootsuite – Facebook Ad Tool


  • It is featured with the rich tool, which helps large advertising agencies. 
  • It automatically scans Facebook content to choose posts for promotion. 
  • It has a built-in option that automatically creates ads. 
  • It gives analytical reports on campaign performance. 

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Driftrock helps to create an automatic process of creating ads. You can design ads and boost them on Facebook. It is a tool for an automatic update for Facebook custom audiences and targets similar audiences. 

Driftrock - Facebook Ad Tool
Driftrock – Facebook Ad Tool


  • You can have a custom bidding strategy and preferred payment methodology for ads. 
  • It includes the demo session for new users. 
  • It has easy content reuse to create a new version of campaigns.
  • It has bidding strategy customization options. 
  • It saved target audience groups and applied to all possible ad variations.


Revealbot is a Facebook ad automation tool. You can put the day-to-day management of ad campaigns in the hands of this tool. It is and easy to use automated rule constructor which offers advanced features to write complex automation. 

Revealbot - Facebook Ad Tool
Revealbot – Facebook Ad Tool


  • It has advanced automated rule constructors that allow ad managers to automate the management process. 
  • It has custom metrics that allow the ad managers to create their own formulas, which can work in automated rules. 
  • It can run automated rules every 15 minutes. 
  • It has free Facebook ads course to learn Facebook ad automation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to create engaging ads for Facebook?

1. Take time to research your demographic.
2. Keep monitoring 
3. Be aware of your budget. 
4. Create a good copy of advertisements by using creative graphics. 
5. Do remarket to find new audiences.

2. What is the best format for Facebook ads?

It is recommended to use the highest-resolution image. It does not have any limits. It should have at least 1080 x 1080 pixels. The preferred size is 1.91:1 to 1.1.

3. How to run a successful Facebook ad campaign?

1. Try to give some contests
2. Use the lead ads to build up your marketing list. 
3. Utilize Facebook mobile ads
4. Incorporate video ads
5. Create Facebook and Google ads.


Facebook has largest user bases with volume of potential customers. So, it might some what difficult to managing ads which needs time and effort. Using the tools for managing or designing the Facebook ads will be easy and helps to manage time. 

As we come across the best tools for Facebook ads and their features. This would have given an outline to create your Facebook Ad. Now it’s your time to start creating ads and find your leads. 

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