Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance

7 Best Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance

What are Content Marketing Tools?

Content Marketing tools to maximize performance will help you enhance the site’s performance. Marketing experts use a number of content marketing tools in their marketing programs.

Content marketing tools are the software, applications, or techniques used by the marketing team to create high-quality content and increase the performance of marketing campaigns. 

So, here you can learn about some marketing tools which can help you maximize your marketing content.  

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Creating and marketing tools are the only way to pass messages to or inform people about the brands, products, or services in the business world. It helps to maintain credibility and develop trust and relationships with people. 

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust, and trust drives revenue,” said Andrew Davis, an author, and keynote speaker.

Content marketing is a type of marketing in which the marketers reach and attract people by focusing on creating relevant and targeted content based on a particular product, brand, or service.

Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance 

1. HubSpot

Hubspot is an easy-to-use application that has a set of content marketing tools that can help in improving the growth and sales of your company. It is a user-friendly software for managing marketing, sales, and customer services. It also provides some free tools for sales, marketing, and other operations. The reason for Hubspot being popular in business is it is an all-in-one platform where experts can find all the tools needed to maximize performance.

HubSpot - Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance
Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance HubSpot

Some of HubSpot tools are: 

 Form Builder

It is a friendly tool because marketers can create quick forms for websites by simply dropping the questions in place and the audience who fills the form will directly get into HubSpot CRM (Customer Research management). 

 Email Marketing

It is one of the free and best tools for Email marketing in HubSpot. You can save time by simply creating templates, designing, and sending to professionals or target people.

Free Live Chat

HubSpot provides a free live chat that is connected with the Chatbot of HubSpot. It makes communications easy. It helps to book meetings, answer customers’ inquiries, etc. HubSpot stores all the chats in a universal box. 

2. Ahrefs

Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance - AHREFS
Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance – AHREFS

Ahrefs is an SEO-focused software that has multiple tools which can improve the efficiency of a website. It is easy and beneficial for marketing experts to work on content marketing. Ahrefs helps marketers to identify the best keywords. It helps to track and rank them. 

The major tools of Ahrefs are: 

Keyword Research 

One of the best tools of Ahrefs, it provides overall information about keywords such as their search volume, keyword competition, etc. which will help you to create better content with good keywords. It consists of a free keyword generator, keyword difficulty checker, YouTube keyword tool, and Amazon keyword tool.

Link Building 

Link building is effective in many ways such as identifying unwanted links and analyzing the links of competitors. It consists of a Backlink checker, a Broken link checker, and Website authority checker. Other tools are the Ahrefs SEO   WordPress plugin and Ahrefs SEO toolbar has other importance such as content audits, checking backlinks, and reporting on-page SEO  reports. 

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is popular for ranking websites in search engines.  It is a WordPress plugin that helps in optimizing keywords and content. 

Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance  -Yoast SEO
Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance -Yoast SEO

The major tools of Yoast are: 

SEO Tools 

It monitors the links, speed of the page, identifies duplicate content, and helps in keyword research. The application is accessible on mobile phones. SEO deviations are identified by the Spider tool to correct crawl inefficiencies. 

Google Tools 

Google tools in Yoast include Google Analytics and Google search console which is used in tracking  traffic on the website whereas Google Search Console is all about measuring the visitor’s behavioral patterns and the site’s growth. 

4. Hotjar

Hotjar is a popular insight tool that gives an overview of behavioral analysis and the visitor’s experience on particular websites. It is a user-friendly tool that provides a report of product insights, customer feedback, and a clear update of your website.  

Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance - Hotjar
Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance – Hotjar

Heat Maps

A graphical representation of information that shows the popular contents of a webpage. It is represented through various colors. It includes various tools like click maps, moves maps, and crawls maps. 

Session Recordings

This records the actions of users browsing the website. It gives a clear understanding of the interaction of the users on the website by showing mouse movements, clicks, and scrolling. 


Surveys are used for gathering information about the users by asking many questions. Hotjar provides onsite and offsite surveys. Hotjar users can also make surveys attractive by editing their appearances.   

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5. Canva

Canva is another popular platform, but for graphic design. Designer experts use Canva as a tool for creating posters, social media graphics, presentations, and other documents. Some of the best tools of Canva are: 

Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance - Canva
Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance – Canva

Photo Editor

It is one of the best tools of Canva to edit images for your interests. Photo editor allows you to add frames, stickers, and filters to your images. You can remix your images and add graphics to make them more attractive and worthy for your purpose. 

Palette Generator 

It is used for adding color schemes suitable to your images. There are multiple colors and combinations from which you can choose to best support your presentation. 

Font Combination and Colorwheel

An essential tool for font pairings to create infographics, presentations, and logos. 

This feature gives many font pairing styles suitable for resume making, design publishing, ebook creation, etc.  In the color wheel, you can make a combination of two colors and use them on your images. It also allows you to add shades, tints, tones, saturation, and luminance for the colors.

6. BuzzSumo 

BuzzSumo is an often-used cloud-based content marketing application which is known for discovering trending topics and keywords which can help in your process  of content marketing. 

Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance - Buzzsumo
Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance – Buzzsumo

Some highlighting features of BuzzSumo are:

Content Research

Research is the first and basic step of content marketing. BuzzSumo has a content research function that will help you to discover the best and most trending content across social media. 


BuzzSumo allows you to monitor the performance and disseminate reports and results for different types of factors such as keywords, backlinks of a domain, or brand mentions. 

Email alerts are another highlight of this feature of BuzzSumo. It alerts you to the links and mentions that you are receiving for you or your competitor’s site. 

It provides an update about the popular content related to your domains.

Content Discovery 

BuzzSumo provides a keyword research tool that helps in creating topics based on insights and search volumes. It helps to find the interests of target audiences.  

7. Grammarly 

Grammarly is a well-known application for creating high-quality articles. Nowadays people who are interested in writing and creating content of informational text use this tool to correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice, etc. 

Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance - Grammarly
Content Marketing Tools to Maximize Performance – Grammarly

Grammarly provides features such as:

Grammarly Free Writing Assistant

You can write, copy or submit your content in Grammarly’s free writing assistant and it will detect the flaws in it. The flaws may include spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, word choices, etc. It will suggest corrections that can convert your work into high-quality content. 

Plagiarism Detection

Plagiarism avoidance is an important factor in creating high-quality content. Because copying others’ speech or writing without giving credit is considered an unethical process. So it is important to assure that our content is free of plagiarism.

Grammarly provides a free plagiarism checker which will compare your content with similar content across social media or web pages. 

Being a premium member of Grammarly will help you to detect advanced errors in your content. You can also check for deeper corrections and plagiarism by unlocking some settings by being a premium member of Grammarly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is content marketing? 

Content marketing is a strategy of creating and marketing relevant content to share and promote the products and services of a particular company or business. It is one of the crucial steps to reach out to target audiences and attract them. 

Why should I use Grammarly in creating content? 

Grammarly is one of the trending applications suitable for all writers across the world. People use Grammarly to avoid grammatical errors and plagiarism in the content.  The application provides free grammar and plagiarism detection. You can also detect advanced errors such as word choices, by being a premium member of Grammarly.  

What is the difference between Yoast SEO and Buzzsumo?

Yoast SEO and Buzzsumo are the two content marketing tools used by marketing experts. 

Yoast is popular for SEO tools, Google tools, Google search console, and  Google analytics whereas Buzzsumo is all about content research, content discovery, and monitoring. 

Wrapping Up 

Creating consumable content always depends upon our creativity and talents but the tools we’ve shared above can act as a bridge that can connect with people across the world. Each tool is meant for a specific purpose, from keyword research to graphic designing.

Being a content writer or content marketer, awareness of these tools will help you stand out from the wide range of articles on the internet. 

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