7 Trends of Email Marketing - 2022

7 Trends of Email Marketing – 2022

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Tops Trends of Email Marketing
User Generated Contents
Hyper Segmentation
Mobile Optimization
Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots
Interactive Emails
Email Designs and Quality of Landing Pages

As the strategies evolve day by day, the mode of communication for marketing is also changing from face-to-face communication to Zoom meetings. Email marketing is one of the constant strategies used by companies with evolving trends. 

Email marketing is the most beneficial and trustworthy method of promoting products, raising brand awareness, and building a relationship with the target audience. 

Let’s have a look at some important aspects of email marketing.

  • As people are used to emails, it encourages engagement and promotes convenience. It easily allows them to make decisions on a call-to-action. 
  • It helps in reaching customers in real-time.
  • Email marketing is one of the methods by which you can easily measure the effectiveness of the performance. 
  • It is a cost-effective method that is significant in increasing performance and improving the ROI
  • Brand awareness is another highlight of email marketing. It helps people to recognize the brands. 
  • Email marketing is effective in personalizing the content based on the audience. 

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Top Trends of Email Marketing 

Email Marketing
Seven best trends of Email Marketing

User-Generated Contents 

Having user-generated content in your email is one of the trustworthy strategies that provide social proof for the customers. It has a significant role in convincing the audience and converting them to buyers. Let’s have a look at why user-generated content is preferred more. 

  • It gives a professional touch to the context of the email and impresses the customers.
  • User-generated contents have a great role in increasing the conversion rate and revenue. 
  • You can easily use user-generated content in various forms such as case studies, social media surveys, etc. 
  • It often remains genuine and unbiased to the customers. 
  • User-generated content adds value to the brand and company along with the promotion. 

Hyper Segmentation 

Hyper segmentation is one of the popular strategies which helps email marketing to process quickly. 

  • Hyper segmentation is all about breaking and dividing the list of audiences according to various parameters. 
  • This helps in generating personalized emails in terms of names, gender, age, etc. 
  • It helps in increasing the ROI and sales of the company by sending the right message at the right time. 
  • In hyper-segmentation, the data is being taken from various sources like multiple customer experiences and personalized experiences. 
  • It is an effective process in marketing that helps in generating relevant, accurate, and high-quality content.
  • Hyper segmentation helps in understanding customer needs. 


Email marketing automation is a process of allowing marketers to generate high-quality emails through templates that allows marketers to save time. 

Some of the highlights of these trends are: 

  • Automation helps to create personalized emails with engaging content like welcome emails, onboarding emails, newsletters, etc.
  • It builds a good relationship with the target audience and marketers. 
  • You can easily analyze and monitor the statistics and performance of the marketing strategies.
  • Automation quickly reduces the manual workload and generates high leads and conversion rates. 
  • It helps in creating relevant messages which can easily drive the audience to your call to action. 
  • There are various tools to automate emails, like Hubspot and Optinmonster, which allows designing email with different types of templates, designs, etc. 

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is a strategy of allowing people to visit the website through mobiles. 

To increase visibility, your campaigns should be readable on most devices. Along with relevant content, your emails should be viewable on mobiles. Some of the things to consider for mobile optimization are: 

  • You should design the email with high contrast text. 
  • The emails should have visuals readable in both dark and light mode. 
  • It’s necessary to optimize your subject lines on mobile.
  • You should keep the copy in a concise format. 
  • Images should be accessible on mobile
  • To make the emails mobile-friendly, the call to action should be at the top. The buttons for call to action should be around 44 x 44 pixels. 

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots 

Artificial intelligence means an alternative to human intelligence to make our work faster. As AI systems can find errors, using AI has a great role in email marketing. 

  • Artificial intelligence is helping in increasing revenue by sending great emails
  • It helps in creating winning campaigns and reduces waste of time. 
  • Artificial intelligence helps in building analytics and following customer trends.
  • It allows for the creation of chatbots and improves email automation.
  • AI also helps in segmentation through which marketers can identify the target audience. 

Chatbots have a great role in driving engagement outside the emails. It can easily improve the leads and encourage better deals. It can act as a tool to know the target audience’s behavior. It also leads to hyper-personalization. You can read this blog to know more about artificial intelligence and chatbots. 

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Interactive Emails

Marketing campaigns with simple email texts may reduce the engagement of the audience. Due to these reasons, marketers have turned their emails and campaigns into a more interactive way which can easily increase customer engagement. It has a significant role in solving customer queries and issues through proper conversations and interactions.

  • It can drive more conversions than simple context. This will give a lot of information which will help in generating better emails for the future. 
  • Interactive emails can improve the click-to-open rate and convince the audience to convert. 
  • You can create interactive emails through surveys, polls, slideshows, rollover images, etc. This way, the marketers get a clear idea of the interest of the audience. 
  • It can easily lead people to the landing pages.

Learn more about interactive emails here.

Email Designs and Quality of Landing Pages

People don’t want to waste time reading the lengthy paragraphs and information in emails. So, the emails should be always designed crisp and short so that people understand the purpose and goal easily. 

Your emails should not provide unnecessary content which simply wastes the reader’s time. Emails should have relevant and high-quality contents which can drive the audience easily to landing pages or call to action. 

Some beneficial elements which should be present in an email design are: 

  • Visually appealing content.
  • Native ads which will not distract the audience.
  • Relevant images and graphics.
  • Contents related to the target audience.

Landing pages are another element to be considered in email marketing. The email campaigns drive the audience to landing pages most of the time. So, it’s necessary to design your landing pages in a better way along with emails. It should be relatable to email marketing campaigns. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Name the trends of email marketing

There are seven trend of email marketing

  1. User Generated Contents
  2. Hyper Segmentation
  3. Automation
  4. Mobile Optimization
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots
  6. Interactive Emails
  7. Email Designs and Quality of Landing Pages

Is email marketing still work in 2022?

Yes, email is still the best way to reach people, and the email users are probable in continue growing.

Is email marketing helps in ROI?

Yes, Email Marketing helps in return on investment for each dollar you spent.


Along with these strategies, email marketing is changing and coming up with more trends which will help in better results in marketing. These trends play a great role in connecting different mediums and add more value to the brand and company. You can also learn more about email marketing trends through this blog- Top Email Marketing Trends in 2022.

As a marketer, you can consider these trends and bring more innovation to your strategies to provide a great customer experience. 

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