Facebook ad Relevance Score

What is Facebook ad Relevance Score & How to improve it?

You may be aware of the need for measuring the performance of marketing campaigns on different platforms. Similarly, you should also know the different metrics to measure the effectiveness of the ads on online platforms. 

As a marketer, you have to focus on the ways to generate ads with better quality that can lead to more visibility on the websites. One of the best examples of performance measuring metrics is the quality score of Google Ads. 

Do you know about the performance metrics of Facebook? A relevance score is one of the best ways to determine the delivery and performance of Facebook ads. Do you want to know what is and how to improve your Facebook ad relevance score?

Facebook ads relevance score: should you care about it? – Facebook Ad Relevance Score

Through this piece of blog, you will get to learn about Facebook ad relevance score and ways to improve them. 

Here’s the list of contents to be discussed in this article, let’s dive in, shall we?

What Is a Relevance Score? 

On Facebook, we always try to show ads related to the audience. So, checking relevance is important for determining the growth of sales through Facebook ads. As the name suggests, the main purpose of the relevance score is to find how relevant your ads are to the target audience. This Facebook metric has a significant role in measuring the engagement and quality of ads. 

It is not only beneficial for business but also for people because it only provides related ads to the audience. It also helps in determining the cost per click of Facebook ads. 

Now, you may be confused about what is a good Facebook ad relevance score?.  The relevance score represents how much your ad pertains to the target audience. The score is measured from 1 to 10 which concludes whether your ad is successful or not. A score of 8 to 10 is said to be a high relevance score which is a relief to many marketers. 

Same way, if your score is 1 to 4, then you need to work on your campaigns. It happens because your ads don’t pertain to your target audience. 

Why Does Facebook Ad Relevance Score Matter?

To keep things simple, a relevance score helps in generating great marketing strategies on Facebook. Do you know how? Let’s have a look at the importance of Facebook ad relevance score. 

Effective Delivery 

Ads have a delivery system that is responsible for showing ads to the related and right audience. These metrics allow for generating effective Facebook ads. If your ads result in a higher relevance score, then it also reduces the delivery cost. So, having a high relevance score will help in efficient ad delivery. 

Better Ideas 

Through the relevance score of Facebook ads, you can test and try new ideas in campaigns. For example, you can try new image combinations and copies in the ads and check the performance through the relevance score. 

Optimizing Campaigns 

The relevance score can be also considered an indicator to know whether you have failed in creating effective ads. Based on the relevance score, you can easily optimize by refreshing your campaigns and considering the audience’s interest. 

So, due to these factors, a relevance score is important for Facebook ads for better performance. 

How to Improve the Facebook Ad Relevance Score? 

Improve Facebook Ad Relevance Score - Facebook ad relevance score
Improve Facebook Ad Relevance Score

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Understand Your Target Audience - Facebook ad relevance score
Understand Your Target Audience

Who is your target audience? This is a basic question that you should answer before starting with the marketing process. Points to consider while choosing the right target audience are: 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupations
  • Locations

Along with these, you can also consider the queries, interests, and feedback. Facebook is one of the effective tools which you can use to find and track the audience who interacted with your ads. This will help you to find which category of audience interacts mostly with your ads or posts. 

Through this information, you can create buying personas for better targeting. Better targeting leads to compelling ads which can easily answer the audience queries and drive more calls to action. 

By being more specific in targeting, you can also reduce your audience based on the above-mentioned factors. You can limit your ads based on the locations and interests of people which will help in deep targeting. Through this, you can gain a high relevance score on Facebook ads and generate more sales. 

2. High-Quality Elements

High quality elements - Facebook ad relevance score
High quality elements

Your ads should have relevant elements that suit your context and purpose. Copies, texts, and images are some of the important elements which make the ads self-explanatory.  

The images chosen for the ads should not only be relevant but also of high quality. Facebook has a method of determining your ads based on the number of texts. It’s proved that a high amount of texts may lead to low visibility and reach of the ads. You can learn more about the rules of Facebook ads through this blog.

So, the text on the images should be concise and clear and should match the images. This will help in grabbing more attention from the Facebook audience. The copies and call to action should be short and easy to understand so that they can drive more people to the sites. 

People have a habit of skipping many ads while scrolling down. You should create ads with high quality which can grab the attention of the audience. Following and adding above mentioned elements can easily increase the visibility and avoid skipping your ads.

3. Split Testing 

Even though Facebook has many ways to check the performance, A/B testing is one of the most effective ways. It has a significant role in determining the results of the ad campaigns and improving the Facebook relevance score. 

Split Testing - Facebook ad relevance score
Split Testing

Split testing, also called A/B testing, is a process of experimenting and finding the best performance between two versions of the ads. In simple words, it’s a method of comparing two versions of the same ad. For example, comparing call to action or landing pages. 

This allows experimenting and testing many strategies like adding another audience’s interest. This allows freshening up or adding new ideas and strategies. You can even show the same ads to different audiences, or vice versa. This way, you can improve your relevance score on Facebook ads. 

4. Segmentation

Segmentation - Facebook ad relevance score

Segmentation is a process of splitting the audience based on the differential factors like sex, marital status, nationality, etc. It can easily divide the broader spectrum of the market into specific subsets. 

It is one of the effective ways of improving relevance scores. Segmentation helps in gaining a high return on investments through your ad budget. It makes the process of targeting easy. 

It helps in showing ads selectively to specific audiences. This can be also done by creating a Facebook custom audience through which you can add additional targeting criteria. It can easily improve your relevance score.

5. Promotion Through Videos 

It’s evident that creating videos for Facebook ads is more expensive. It will also take a lot of time due to which many advertisers avoid it. Even though many people choose image or slideshow ads, adding video content to your Facebook ads is effective. 

Promotion Through Videos - Facebook ad relevance score
Promotion Through Videos

It has a significant role in seeking attention from the Facebook audience. If you are creating video ads, some factors should be considered. 

One of the main factors is video quality. If you are providing an ad with low-quality video, it will affect the audience’s visibility. It will also increase the chance of skipping it. So, it is necessary to have a relevant video with high quality and lighting.

Along with these, you should also focus on providing good audio quality so that the audience should understand the purpose of the ads. It should be related to context and stand out from the competition. So, this is an effective method to increase relevance scores. 

6. New Ad Campaigns With Social Proof 

You can easily improve your visibility and sales through warm audiences rather than cold audiences. The audience which has already interacted with your services is considered a warm audience. Whereas a cold audience involves people who are new to your ads and haven’t interacted with them. 

New Ad Campaigns With Social Proof - Facebook ad relevance score
New Ad Campaigns With Social Proof 

Warm audiences include website visitors, Facebook page likes, email subscribers, and many more. It also includes the visitors who left positive comments. These can be taken as evidence to convince the target audience. 

Here are a few steps to promote your ads to warm audiences on Facebook: 

  • You have to move on to the ‘add set level’ of your Facebook campaign. 
  • Then, within the audience, scroll to the connection section.
  • Select add a connection type.
  • Choose people who like your page from the drop-down menu. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good relevance score?

A good relevance score means your ads are visible to many target audiences. 8 to 10  is said to be a high relevance score. 

Why should I consider relevance scores in Facebook ads?

It is necessary to consider relevance scores on Facebook ads because it represents the visibility of your ads on Facebook. It plays a great role in optimizing your campaigns, delivering campaigns effectively, and also responsible for innovations and generating new strategies.

What are the points to consider while choosing the right target audience?

1. Age
2. Gender
3. Occupations
4. Locations


In this way, you can easily improve the Facebook ad relevance score. As I said before, a relevance score is considered a key indicator for checking the success of Facebook campaigns. Some of these effective ways will help in generating more strategies in Facebook ads. 

What do you think about these ideas for improving the Facebook ad relevance score? Have you tried these ideas before? Did you notice the change in your campaigns? Comment below with your thoughts on these techniques.

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