Tips for Launching Your First Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign

5 Best Tips for Launching Your First Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign

So what is a paid Instagram marketing campaign? Basically, it’s obvious that social media has a significant role in advertising and promoting products and services. Many users accept that social media platforms have always helped them find new products or services.

Instagram marketing is one of the upcoming juggernauts in marketing. It is one of the best platforms that work best for brand awareness. Since Instagram has remarkable active users, it helps improve the ads. But sometimes, businesses fail to grab attention or increase visibility on Instagram. It may be because of some mistakes while launching their first paid campaign. 

Are you new to Instagram advertising? Are you confused about posting your first paid campaign on Instagram?  Don’t worry, this blog piece will help you in learning some tips for launching your first paid Instagram marketing campaign. 

Best Instagram Campaign: Social Media Future – Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign

5 Key Ideas for Your First Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign

Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign
Key Ideas for Your First Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign

#1 Defining Goals and Analyzing Your Audience

Paid Instagram marketing campaign
Defining goals and analyzing your audience

Defining goals and objectives is the first step to consider when starting an Instagram marketing campaign. The common goals and objectives which a marketer considers in Instagram marketing are:

  • Brand awareness
  • Improve the visibility and traffic of your online shop
  • Promoting products and services
  • Improving the sales

It is necessary to determine a goal that will help you in targeting the right audience. It will also help in determining the results of your ads on Instagram. 

After determining a goal, the next step is to choose the right audience. This will help in connecting the content with the audience. Targeting a broader audience may lead to less engagement. Along with these, it can affect the click-through rates. You should always be specific in selecting the right audience. 

For choosing the right audience, you should consider the factors like location, interests, age, gender, etc. You can even target recent customers, repeated customers, non-subscribers, and former customers.

#2 Consider the Ad Format 

Paid Instagram marketing campaign
Consider the ad format – Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign

You might have seen different formats of ads on Instagram. Some of the following ad formats are: 

  • Carousel ads– It is an ad format that appears in a series of images. It mostly suits companies or brands based on food, furniture, etc. 
  • Video ads– It is an ad format that gives more details about the product or brand which can build between the brand and customers. 
  • Image ads– it is one of the simple and standard formats of presenting ads. It always appears in a single image while scrolling the posts. These images will also have an action button. 
  • Shopping ads- An ad format that helps in promoting and selling products. It may include tags, images, etc. 
  • Collection Ads- It is an ad format of multiple images with a single layout. 

#3 Find the Right Image

Paid Instagram marketing campaign
Find the right image – Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign

The first thing that gains attention in an advertisement is the image or other visuals. It is necessary to create an effective marketing campaign with great visual quality. You might find a lot of ads on Instagram daily. To stand out from the crowd, you have to consider some factors. 

  • Product-based– If you are focusing on product-based ads, you have to represent eye-catching images. 
  • Texts– Along with images, you also have to add minimum text to convey some messages. Your ad design should be capable of conveying the brand’s story in minimum text. 
  • High resolution- The ad post should be clear enough with high-quality images. Even though the users are scrolling the feed posts, the images should be able to grab their attention. This will help the audience to get more details about the product and services.

#4 Relevant Context and Using Hashtags

Paid Instagram marketing campaign
Relevant Context and Using Hashtags – Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign
  • Proper research should be done to create relevant content for ad campaigns. Generating relatable content can easily increase the reach of the websites. It can also give a clear idea of the product or brand and its objectives. 
  • Your content should be relevant to the target audience. People should be able to connect your ads through relatable contexts like images and texts. Using hashtags can be useful to connect your ad with related content.
  • You may be aware of the hashtags on Instagram. People use hashtags to make their posts more visible, categorized, and discoverable. To improve the traffic of Instagram ads, you have to come up with creative hashtags that are unique from others. 

#5 Optimal Hours 

Paid Instagram marketing campaign
Optimal hours – Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign

If you have targeted and researched well on your audience, you might be aware of their behavior. You should analyze the time of increasing traffic. When do people visit your website and do online shopping? You can do some trials and experiments to know the optimal time to show your ads. 

Another factor to consider is working hours. You should avoid posting ad campaigns on Instagram during working hours because it may affect their visibility. So, it is an excellent option to consider off-work hours to post a campaign. 

Along with these 5 tips, you also have to look at the things to prevent while posting an ad campaign. 

Mistakes to Avoid During a Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign

Paid Instagram marketing campaign
Mistakes to Avoid During an Instagram Marketing Campaign

‘Promote’ Button on Instagram 

You may have seen the blue button ‘Promote’ after you upload an ad post. Have you tapped it? Does it have a good impact on your post? 

Clicking on the promote button will navigate you to three options.

  • Profile visits
  • Website visits
  • More Messages 

As there are only three options, your ad is limited to only profile, website visits, and messages. It doesn’t include engagements, leads, etc. So, it is better to advertise on Instagram through the Facebook ads manager. This will give you more options like traffic, conversions, video views, etc. 

Lack of Good Targeting and Monitoring

Are you aware of Facebook Ads Manager? It is a Facebook feature that allows you to target an audience with a great option of demographics, behaviors, interests, and many more. Since Facebook and Instagram are connected, Facebook Ads Manager can also help you with Instagram ads. You can use it for narrowing your audience.

Along with these, you should not forget to monitor your performance after posting an ad on Instagram. Many people forget to check the performance after posting an ad. This will affect the results and lead to a waste of money. So, it is necessary to monitor your ads at a certain interval of time. 

Repeating Ad Formats in All Placements

An ideal ad should reflect credibility and attract the audience. You should be capable of conveying the brand’s message and values to the audience through these posts. Awareness of the criteria and format of each placement is important, too. If you don’t consider these factors, it will be difficult for the audience to understand the message.

For example, the sizes of the stories and posts on Instagram are different from each other. Instagram stories mostly appear in vertical format but posts appear in square format. So it is not a good idea to follow the same format of Instagram stories in adding a post. It may affect the context and style of the ad campaigns. To avoid such issues, you should be aware of these differences and create campaigns accordingly. 

Not Installing Facebook Pixel 

Do you know the importance of Facebook Pixel? It is a code that you add to your websites to keep track of your data and conversions from Facebook. This is very useful for remarketing to people who already purchased or interacted with your Instagram ad. 

Since Facebook and Instagram are connected, it is also helpful for Instagram. It will allow you to measure the sales on the website while running ads. 

Lacking Efficient Landing Pages

It is necessary to have a convenient landing page that is relevant to your ads on Instagram. The landing page and ads should be from the same company. The audience should be able to connect the ads with the landing pages. It should have the same values and messages similar to the ad post. 

This will have a good impact on reducing the bounce rate and increasing the conversion rate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What common goals and objectives should a marketer consider in Instagram marketing?

1. Brand awareness
2. Improve the visibility and traffic of your online ship3. Promoting
3. products and services.
4. Improving the sales

How do I market my paid Instagram account?

Use Ads Manager for more management capability campaigns. You can easily convert your photos on Instagram into ads. Enhance any post to make it an ad. Decide the following three aspects, where to send users, Choose who to see the post, and how much you spend

Is Instagram paid promotion effective?

The most common application of Instagram promotions is to raise brand awareness. By enhancing a post, start the feedback loop and get posts the attention they deserve. If your primary goal is high visibility, this will help you skyrocket your reach.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is a great platform for improving the reach of product ads. But to succeed in Instagram advertising, you should be careful in working on it. If you are a marketer who wants to promote your brand on Instagram, these tips on Paid Instagram marketing campaigns will help you in achieving good results and improving your sales. 

Are you aware of these Instagram marketing campaigns? What’s your opinion on these views in marketing campaigns? Share your views through comments. 

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