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The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Advertising – 5 Best Practices and Targeting Tools

The use of Pinterest advertising is often overlooked and seen as an unnecessary addition to marketing efforts by social media marketing professionals. Marketers most often use Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to promote their products and services. How do you miss out on a huge market by excluding Pinterest advertising from your campaign?

Yes! 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded, meaning that users are not affiliated with any brands or companies. Here’s a guide to Pinterest advertising that makes it easy for you to understand why you should use Pinterest ads, what businesses they work best for, and how you can optimize your ROI.

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What is Pinterest Advertising? 

At every turn, Pinterest is a good hybrid of social media and search engine optimization (SEO) to build your brand since it is less crowded than other social media platforms. Pinterest allows you to discover and do what you enjoy. You can find recipes, fashion inspiration, home projects, and much more.

According to reports, there are 450 million monthly active users on Pinterest worldwide, and the user base is rapidly expanding. In recent years, Pinterest has become a significant source of social revenue for many businesses, particularly e-commerce companies. You can use this platform as a fantastic technique to increase influence and shift admirers into purchasers.

The following are Pinterest’s primary metrics:

Pinterest Advertising- Pinterest Primary Metrics
Pinterest Advertising- Pinterest Primary Metrics
  • CTR: Refers to the number of visitors who clicked through to your website after clicking on a link.
  • Engagement Rate: The engagement rate (ER) measures how many interactions your Pins receive.
  • Conversions: This keeps track of how many actions visitors take on your website. Keeping track of conversions on your website keeps you in the loop.
  • CPA: You can calculate the cost per conversion using cost per action, or CPA.

The crucial indicator that shows you how much money you make per expenditure is called ROA, or return on advertising spend.

The effectiveness of pins is far greater than that of tweets or Instagram posts. Re-pinning valuable and entertaining stuff to other users’ boards can increase traffic to your website.

The right images and strategies can help any business reach its target audience. Pinterest resonates with aesthetics, unlike other social media platforms. 46% of weekly pinners discover new brands or products on Pinterest each week. On this platform, users aren’t just searching aimlessly – they’re discovering new products and getting to know more about new businesses. The reach is undoubtedly impressive.

According to a recent investor earnings report

  • 88.6 million people in the United States use Pinterest. 
  • Pinterest is used by 97.7 million people in Northern America. 
  • Pinterest has 95.6 million users between 25 and 34 (37.2% of its ad audience).
  • A potential audience of 270.9M users can be reached through Pinterest Ads

Pinterest can be quite effective for B2B companies if you have valuable information and great images to go with it. Pinterest’s first advertising offering, sponsored pins, debuted in December 2014.

Everything you need to know about Pinterest advertisements is explained here. Let’s get right in and learn the 5 best Pinterest Advertising.

Pinterest Advertising- Pinterest Marketing 2023

5 Best Pinterest Ads Practices

  1. Optimize the headlines, CTAs, and texts of your creatives: Your Pin should tell a coherent, clear, and concise story. Remember to always include the pin description in your ads and keep it short and concise. Include keywords and avoid using hashtags.
  1. Make use of analytics: Utilize analytics to determine which pins are most effective with your target audience and to monitor the performance of your advertising. Use in-platform insights to track the effectiveness of promoted content. Observe the effectiveness of your ads using Pinterest analytics like impressions, saves, and clicks. 
  1. Include compelling imagery: The initial two seconds of a video ad should quickly hook viewers. Use a compelling cover image so that viewers can quickly determine the topic of your advertisement.
  1. Keep Your Landing Page Relevant: Your landing page should always be in line with your advertisement. This advice is applicable to any digital marketing advertising activities. Make sure your copy and branding are consistent throughout to give your customers a seamless experience.
  1. Try Out Different Ad Types: If you can, try out various ad formats before launching your Pinterest marketing campaign to determine which ones work best for your brand.

Idea Pins: Idea pins are brief videos or collections of pictures. They’re engaging with the sticker, overlays with text, and graphics. Typically, these pins offer instructions or demonstrations.

Carousel: A pin with many photos is called a carousel. Carousels are an excellent method to highlight various product characteristics, promote several products at once, or tell your brand’s story in sections. The carousels appear in people’s home feeds in the same way as any other pin.

Shopping: These pins represent Pinterest’s take on the “story” idea that other platforms, like Snapchat and Instagram, have included.

Targeting Tools for Pinterest

  • Automated targeting: Based on the details in your Pin, the platform will choose your audience.
  • Demographics: To target the right market, make use of useful information like age, gender, geography, and language.
  • Retargeting: You can retarget Pinners who have already visited your client’s website or who have abandoned their shopping baskets by retargeting exact or related products.
  • Ads Manager: This tool allows you to set up targeted delivery and adjust campaigns effortlessly.
  • Affiliates on Pinterest: Affiliates approved by Pinterest can expand your ads and track results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to post on Pinterest?

Pinterest is available for free to both individuals and businesses. If you have a personal account, you will not be charged anything to sign up or use any of the website's functions.

Is posting on Pinterest profitable?

Pinterest can be a profitable platform for influencer marketing. Content creators can collaborate with brands to create sponsored content specifically for Pinterest, or they can negotiate a higher rate for sharing sponsored blogs and social content from other platforms with their Pinterest audience.

How long do Pinterest ads take to work?

It requires at least two weeks for your advertisements to be properly placed on the platform. Understanding how the Pinterest user works on the platform is critical, especially if you're selling a product.

Take Away

You’ll always find ideas to spark inspiration when you find billions of Pins on Pinterest. Save your favorite Pins to boards to keep your ideas organized and easy to find for the people who show creative inspiration on businesses and blogging. Rock your presence on this platform so that it will boost your brand or business. Partner with us on your next Pinterest advertising campaign! For more informative blogs like this one, check out our website.

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