Setting Goals & Objectives for Your PPC Campaign

Setting PPC Goals & Objectives for Your Campaign

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is an efficient weapon in this competitive digital era. From getting an ROI of 200% to increasing brand awareness by 80%, a PPC goal campaign is a profit-yielding venture. But just like every other marketing strategy or campaign, you need to work on clear, realistic, and opportunistic goals and objectives to get the best outcome. 

A successful PPC campaign requires tactical planning and a lot of research to get consistent results. To help you figure out the goals and objectives for your campaigns, we have put together a brief guide to get started with PPC. Let’s get right to it. 

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Common PPC Goals & Objectives to Consider

Planning your goals before getting further into PPC goals and campaigns is important. It helps you in tracking the performance and measuring the success of your campaigns.

However, there are no general goals and objectives applicable to all companies. A company might be looking to attract more audiences to their website while another company might be looking to capture more sales. So, you will have to identify your specific objectives to execute your PPC strategies perfectly. Here are some of the common goals you can consider:

#1 Increase Website Traffic

One of the most common objectives of businesses is to drive more traffic to their website. You need to target the right keywords and display a compelling ad copy to users to capture their attention. In-depth keyword research along with quality content marketing can help you gain engagement. 

Increase Website Traffic - PPC Goals
Increase Website Traffic- PPC Goals

If this is your goal, you can easily measure the performance by checking the number of clicks. You can skip the competitive expensive keywords and can focus on broader, less expensive keywords if you are simply looking to attract more traffic. 

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#2 Capture More Leads

Capturing quality leads is important for businesses for both short term and long term plans. PPC campaigns can easily drive users to your landing pages and forms where you can collect their details. Even if you don’t want to push the customers down the sales funnel instantly, you will have their contact details to later pursue them. 

Capture More Leads - PPC Goals
Capture More Leads – PPC Goals

You can filter out the leads by measuring the number of users that land via a PPC link and can check the performance of your campaign. This is a good goal for businesses looking to expand their base.

#3 Boost Sales or Revenue

Another common end goal of most businesses is to generate more sales and for that, you will be focusing on getting more conversions. This means that you will be targeting competitive plus expensive keywords that will bring more relevant traffic to your website. As people who already have an interest in your product will be visiting your site via PPC ads, they are more likely to make the purchase. Based on your budget and market, you will tailor a long-term strategy to achieve this goal.

Boost Sale and Revenue- PPC Goals
Boost Sale and Revenue- PPC Goals

#4 Build Brand Awareness

Displaying your ads on different websites that are relevant to your industry helps in improving brand awareness. When consumers are going through those websites, if your brand name and products pop up constantly, it will stay in their minds. So, if this is your goal, you can track different parameters such as engagement, impressions, reach, and frequency to measure how your brand promotion journey is going on.

Build Brand Awareness- PPC Goals
Build Brand Awareness- PPC Goals

Now that we know some of the most common PPC goals, let us now see how you can set some accurate goals for your campaigns.

How to Set Goals for Your PPC Campaigns

To decide and set your goals, you will have to be ready with some answers about your business. Let’s dive right in.

How to set Goals - PPC Campaigns
How to set Goals for you PPC campaigns?

#1 Evaluate Your Business Needs

When you know the exact business requirements, you will be able to identify your PPC goals very well. Simply ask to yourself – what do you want to achieve with Google paid ads? Why do you want to invest in a pay-per-click strategy? As soon as you have answers to these, you can design strategies that align with your business goals.

#2 – Establish Realistic & Challenging Goals

Now that you have your business needs in front of you, you can set crystal clear and achievable PPC goals. However, the goals should be challenging so that you and your team strategically plan the steps to achieve those effectively. Each goal should inspire your team so that they work on better PPC strategies to get better results.

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#3 Define Short & Long-Term Goals

PPC advertising allows you to set goals for any interval. You can define goals for different campaigns for a relevant and attainable time period such as:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

Short-term goals are helpful on certain occasions such as when you want to get more visitors during an upcoming sale or are looking to launch a new product or service. On the other hand, long-term goals such as capturing a number of leads or sales, are challenging and focus on your overall pay-per-click strategy.

#4 Work on the Output of PPC Campaigns

Once you have such goals that focus on the end results of your campaigns, you will be able to identify the best strategies to achieve those outputs. Enhance the content and Call to Actions CTAs of your landing pages to align with individual search queries in order to boost conversion rates. Don’t send all your traffic to the same page. 

#5 Track & Measure Goal Performance

Analyzing the performance of your campaigns and how you are achieving your goals is an important part of any digital marketing venture. You not only need to track the end results, but how you achieved those results as well. If you fall short of your goals and objectives, you need to find the root cause of it and then work on the strategy to resolve any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase the website Traffic?

You need to target the right keywords and display a compelling ad copy to users to capture their attention. In-depth keyword research along with quality content marketing can help you gain engagement.

What are the common PPC Goals?

1. Increase Website Traffic
2. Capture More leads
3. Boost Sales or Revenue
4. Build Brand Awareness

How to set goals for your PPC Campaigns?

1. Evaluate your business Needs
2. Establish Realistic & Challenging Goals
3. Define Short & Long Term Goals
4. Work on the Output of PPC Campaigns
5. Track & Measure Goal Performance

Time to Get Your PPC Goals in Place!

Each business is unique and specific goals can vary according to business requirements. The above-mentioned are some common ones from which you can determine the useful ones for your pay-per-click campaigns.

Remember that PPC is all about setting the proper goals, learning from the results, and evolving in techniques based on the performance of your campaigns. Now that you know all about setting goals and objectives, it is time to get started with PPC advertising!

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