Who is a Performance Marketing Specialist?

Who is a Performance Marketing Specialist?

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You may agree that the success of every brand and company depends on the marketing activities and strategies. As technology develops, people are coming up with new ideas and strategies which can have a good impact on the products or brands. But to convert these strategies to practice and gain success every company needs Performance marketers with a set of marketing skills. 

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What Do Performance Marketers Do?

What Do Performance Marketing specialists Do? Image credits: Canva
What Do Performance Marketers Do?

The role of performance marketing is significant in achieving the goals of the brands or companies. The main objective of performance marketers is to manage and improve the performance of the marketing campaigns of particular companies or brands. 

  • Performance marketers are responsible for differentiating various marketing strategies and channels and choosing the suitable one for the respective brands or products. 
  • They optimize the acquisition campaigns on different platforms and create reports of the results. 
  • They should be updated with the latest methods and tools of performance marketing and trends to incorporate in the process. 
  • Performance marketers have to plan and evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPI). 
  • They should be responsible for executing powerful marketing campaigns and strategies. 
  • Collaborating with the team to develop better ideas and results. 
  • Performance marketers also plan the budget management and improve the Return on Investments (ROI) by promoting advertisements all over the world. 

What are the Necessary Performance Marketing Skills?

Necessary Performance Marketing Skills?
Necessary Performance Marketing Skills?

Performance marketers are the one who increases sales, products & services and builds brand awareness. Performance marketers are expected to have four sets of marketing skills.

1. Technical Skills

In performance marketing, technical skills have a key role which can improve the company’s growth to the next level. It consists of many practical aspects and techniques which a performance marketer should carry out during the marketing process. 

Performance marketers should have skills to deal with the technical aspects of marketing campaigns such as:

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Advertising

SEM and SEA play a crucial role in marketing and advertising. SEM deals with advertising which can be both organic and paid whereas SEA deals with paid advertisements which can increase the traffic of the websites. 

CRM Marketing and Email Marketing

CRM marketing is all about executing the strategies of marketing to build a relationship with the customers. Email marketing is a method of marketing and promoting brands through email. Marketers should be capable of working on CRM and Email marketing strategies. 

Marketing Platforms 

There are many content marketing platforms such as Hubspot, Buzzsumo, Yoast SEO, Ahrefs, etc. A good performance marketer should be aware of these platforms and their importance. 

2. Analytical Skills

Analytical skills are an important factor for performance marketers to win over competitors. It is important to measure the effectiveness of each campaign and marketing action. 

Data Analysis

It is necessary to analyze the performance of the marketing campaigns. The performance marketer should have an understanding of using Google Analytics to check the engagement of the audience in the websites. They should be capable of using reporting tools and web analytics dashboards. 

Budget Planning 

Budget planning is all about drawing a plan of spending money for the whole process, expecting the desired action. The planning should always depend on the marketing strategies, marketing channels, and expected ROI. So a good marketing specialist should be able to manage the budget plans and track the results accordingly.    

Consumer Insights

Consumer insights is a process of understanding and improving product development and customer support by considering the interpretation of customer data, behavior, and feedback. Performance marketers should be capable of making decisions by understanding consumer insights. They should also have skills in making marketing acquisition tactics, and monitoring channel metrics to measure performance. 

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3. Strategic Skills

Strategic skills in performance marketing helps in improving the engagement of the customers with the company. It consists of creating new innovative strategies to improve the marketing process such as Growth strategy, KPI Evaluation, Content marketing, etc. 

Growth Strategy

The plan and strategy to explore the product in a new market or audience, promote new products to the market, and improve the growth of sales by increasing the number of customers are called Growth strategies. These strategic skills help in many ways to bring new ideas and create various strategies. 

 Evaluating KPI

KPI is an important factor in marketing strategies because it determines the company’s progress and failures. It helps to meet the target goals and track the performance of the campaigns. Performance marketing experts are expected to be aware of KPIs and metrics.

Content Marketing

The performance marketer should have the ability to improve the quality of content and articles by incorporating suitable keywords. It consists of skills of promoting the content on suitable social media channels and handling the target audience.

4. Soft Skills

No matter in which profession you are, every organization expects the candidates to possess some soft skills which can help in the company’s growth. So, as a performance marketing specialist, you should focus on the following soft skills which will help to achieve success in your profession. 

Business Acumen 

It is a skill that combines both knowledge and experience in a specific field. It is all about using the prior knowledge and experience efficiently to resolve business issues.

It gives an idea of business strategies, financial strategies, and other activities like marketing processes. Business acumen can be considered as a technical skill or soft skill which will make you exceptional among the crowd.


Performance marketer needs leadership skills to lead the team and cooperate with the members which can help in building firm decisions for the growth of the business or company. 


Open communication and Interaction is the basic skill which is expected in every work. Marketing is all about creating strategies, sharing ideas, and promoting marketing campaigns to develop the brand awareness of the company. So communication plays a key role in managing the marketing aspects.  

Interpersonal Skills

Performance marketing is a process including analytical, and technical aspects. As a performance marketer, you should be capable of solving various issues regarding the team and the activities. Confidence in sharing ideas and solving problems can help to be a good performance marketing expert.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered performance marketing?

Performance marketing is a subset of digital marketing that refers to advertising programs in which affiliates and marketing firms are only paid when a desired action, such as a completed lead, sale, booking, or download, is completed.

What is the difference between performance marketing and digital marketing?

Digital marketing puts in the use of online channels for marketing or advertising. Performance marketing is a type of digital marketing in which you only pay when a specific outcome occurs.

Is performance marketing the same as growth marketing?

Growth marketing is concerned with the marketing strategy that brings in new customers on a regular basis, whereas performance marketing is concerned with user impressions, clicks, and leads.

What skills do performance marketing specialist need?

1.Analytical Skills
2.Strategic Skills
3.Decision-Making Skills
4.Technical Skills
5.Collaborative Skills

Wrapping Up

Performance marketing is a trending method with a set of strategies that focus more on the specific goals and desired actions of the marketing of the company.

As marketers, we should be changing the mantra from always being closed to always being helping,

said Jonathan Lister, VP, Global Sales Solutions at LinkedIn. 

Being a performance marketer means being an individual responsible for the performance of the marketing campaigns. Developing the above-listed skills will help you to show your abilities in performance marketing.

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