PPC Marketing - 6 Low Budget Unique Tips for Startups

PPC Marketing – 6 Low Budget Unique Tips for Startups

Changes in economic growth have a great impact on the new styles of entrepreneurship. The startup is one among them which is a source of innovations and business. It needs a lot of effort to convert ideas into reality through startups.

People should have an appropriate business plan, budget, and the right team. You should be aware of great marketing strategies which can drive your business to success. 

PPC is one of the effective marketing strategies which can help in the growth of startups through low-budget marketing tips. Before jumping directly to PPC tips, let’s discuss some basic ideas about PPC. 

    Why Is There a Need For PPC?

    Pay-Per-Click is a method of online marketing in which the advertisers have to pay based on the clicks on the ads. It has a significant role in accurate budgeting. The marketers can easily examine and analyze the performance of each campaign. 

    Why Is There a Need For PPC?
    Why Is There a Need For PPC?

    PPC makes the marketing process easier and more efficient by generating great leads and traffic. It is also responsible for high ROI and effective SEO strategies. As a marketer, you can target and segment your target audience as per your needs, interests, and other demographic data. 

    If you are concerned about spending more, PPC helps in avoiding spending on underperforming campaigns. So, using PPC strategies in your business will help in growing sales and profits. 

    Now, let’s focus on PPC marketing tips for start-ups.

    6 Low Budget PPC Marketing Tips for Startups

    PPC Marketing

    1. Learn More About PPC

    As a startup, you should be aware of a lot of factors like budgeting and marketing strategies. PPC is one of the factors which has a great role in generating profits. There may be people who failed in using PPC techniques in startups. 

    The main reason for failure in PPC is the lack of knowledge. Even though it’s a steep learning curve, learning about the PPC principle and its techniques is necessary. You should be aware of the strategies and methods which can help in growing sales on a low budget. 

    Being trained in PPC strategies like using negative keywords, optimizing data, etc., will help you in creating a great marketing plan. This will result in a great performance. 

    2. Mapping Out Strategy 

    Before establishing your low-budget marketing start-up, you must have proper plans. You should focus and set up proper goals. To get great results in marketing strategies, you have to determine important KPIs for the business.

    Some of the effective goals a startup should focus on are:

    You can use Google Analytics for mapping out KPI targets. It will help you in focusing on conversion goals. If you are not aware of setting up KPIs in Google Analytics, here are the steps. 

    • In Google Analytics, click on the ‘Admin’ section at the bottom of the tab. 
    • Select ‘Goals’ on the right-hand side of the view section.
    • Choose the ‘New Goal’ button on the top. 
    • Type your goal in the section.
    • After entering the goal, go to the Type section and click ‘Destination’.
    • Click ‘Continue’.
    • You have to paste the web address of your thank you page under the goal detail section. 
    • Check the suggestion and click on ‘Save’.

    3. Effective Keyword Targeting 

    Effective keywords have a great role in low-budget marketing. Targeting the best keywords and organizing them based on funnel strategies like TOFU, MOFU, BOFU, etc.

    You should have a proper understanding of keywords before using them in PPC. There are different types of keywords. Some of them are branded keywords, generic keywords, and long-tail keywords. 

    Branded keywords involve keywords representing the brands like Amazon. Generic keywords are short-term keywords like plumbing. At the same time, long-tail keywords involve 3-4 words. 

    So, having a better understanding of keywords and using the relevant ones for your products is important in PPC. It will help in driving more visitors to your website. 

    4. Negative Keywords

    Do you know the importance of negative keywords? Removing negative keywords is the process of hiding ads from irrelevant keywords. These have a significant role in PPC campaigns. You can easily remove these negative keywords from your PPC strategies to avoid showing your ads to irrelevant queries.

    You can use tools like keyword planners and search term reports to identify the negative keywords. As negative keywords can have a great impact on PPC campaigns, you can remove them from the paid search for optimization. It quits unnecessary search queries which don’t get converted into sales. 

    They are also capable of improving the traffic and visibility of the sites through better optimization

    5. Bid Strategy 

    PPC is an effective way of controlling the budget of marketing campaigns. First, you should learn and understand the different steps and strategies of budgeting. Some of them are: 

    Different steps for Bidding
    Different Steps for Bidding

    Manual Bidding 

    It is one of the great methods for starting PPC. Manual bidding is all about updating manually based on the past performance of keywords or ads position. It will give you full control over the keyword bids, campaigns, control costs, and many more. 

    Maximize Clicks and Conversions

    This strategy is all about gaining and improving the clicks and conversions within your low budget. It works on improving brand recognition and sales for the company. 


    Even though it is similar to manual bidding, Google has some control over the campaigns on CPC. In this strategy, Google will help you adjust the individual auctions based on the clicks.

    6. Target CPA and ROAS

    Target CPA is a smart bidding strategy that helps in gaining a lot of conversions based on cost-per-acquisition. It helps in avoiding unprofitable campaigns by monitoring the data. 

    ROAS is another bid strategy that focuses on the return on ad spend. It helps in maintaining your budget based on real-time data. 

    Advertising Based On Location 

    Even though multiple marketing networks work well, it’s safe for a startup to target based on location. You should focus on locality which can bring high ROI. It can also reduce the budget for marketing strategies. 

    For example, if you are beginning a start-up providing marketing services for US-based clients, you should limit and target only people from that specific locality. This method can bring more visibility and a high return on investment. 

    So, a startup should start with location targeting and then expand based on performance and growth.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is there a need for mapping out a strategy? 

    Mapping out strategy in PPC campaigns helps in setting up KPIs for businesses like improving ROI, increasing ROAS, and growing sales. 

    Why should I use PPC strategies in a startup? 

    To start a business with successful marketing strategies, you should use the PPC tips which will help in generating great leads and traffic. It is also responsible for high ROI and effective SEO strategies.

    What are the effective goals for low budget marketing start up?

    1. Improving ROI
    2. Lead Generations
    3. Increasing ROAS
    4. Growing Sales

    Wrapping Up 

    As more people are turning towards innovations and startups, they have to find new ways to stand out from the competition. The PPC strategies have a great role in gaining more visibility and traffic in business. 

    These six PPC marketing tips have a great role in targeting and achieving more customers. Using these strategies and following the basic guidelines of marketing will help in achieving the startup goals. 

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