How to Improve Your ROI?

How to Improve Your ROI?

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ROI is an important component that can easily help an investor to determine the success of the company. As a marketer, you may be already familiar with the role of ROI in marketing or business fields. Good ROI is directly related to the investments of the company. 

So, through this blog, you will learn how to improve the ROI through various tricks. Before jumping into it, let’s review some facts about ROI. 

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Table of Contents

Basics of ROI

ROI= (Net profit/ Cost of Investment) x 100

It is considered the performance indicator which helps in analyzing the performance of various marketing campaigns. It has a significant role in improving the growth of the company. With the help of ROI, you can easily make better decisions for the future and plan new initiatives. 

The business will gain high ROI when the company succeeded in converting the investments into profits. So, it is one of the simplest methods to measure profits. 

You can easily compare your high-level and low-level performing investments. This will help you in focusing more on investments that give a high level of profit and change strategies for investments with low-level profits. In addition to these benefits, it is also beneficial in justifying your expenses and reducing unnecessary costs which don’t give any profits. 

Even though there are many benefits of ROI, it’s tricky to improve the ROI in marketing. Here are some of the tricks and ideas which will help you to improve the ROI of your business. 

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Ideas to Improve ROI in Marketing

Ideas to Improve ROI in Marketing
Ideas to Improve ROI in Marketing

Set ROI Goals 

The first step to improving your ROI in marketing campaigns is to plan your goals. You should set a goal considering some factors such as specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART Goal). You should be specific in improving the ROI to a particular percentage. 

The goals you are aiming for should be easily measurable which will help you in improving the ROI. At the same time, the ROI goal should be related and relevant to business goals. Along with these factors, planning a timeframe will be more effective in completing the target easily. 

If you are interested in knowing more about setting up a smart goal, read the blog on- SMART Marketing Objectives

Better Tools 

No matter whether you are a startup or a developing company, you can try some of the smarter ways to improve the ROI. Using some beneficial tools will simplify the tasks of marketers. So, some businesses use these online tools instead of traditional marketing ways. 

ROI tools

Ruler Analytics– Through Ruler Analytics, you can easily find the sources of revenue and analyze and track the customer journey to revenue. It has a significant role in helping marketers to fill the gaps with anonymous sessions, leads, and sales.

Google Analytics– It is one of the free and simplest tools which helps in revenue tracking. Google Analytics allows you to find the marketing tactics which lead to more sales and traffic. It is a website analytics software that helps in collecting information from various websites. 

CyfeIt is one of the best tools which helps the marketers to gain a total view of the marketing performance. It has a great role in the process of business intelligence. 

Reduce Costs 

Some people might think that raising the prices can easily improve ROI, but it’s not necessary in all cases. You have to be sure about your expenses and divide them into necessary and unnecessary costs. 

Identifying the overhead costs which provide no profit will help you in better budget planning. It is important to reduce the overhead costs. You have to focus on production costs based on the materials, labor, and products that have an impact on the profit and performance. 

Tracking the Metrics 

Data plays a great role in every stage of business. This data can be used as core metrics such as leads, traffic, and sales. To determine your marketing performance, you have to measure your conversion rate, bounce rate, etc. If you have a high conversion rate and low bounce rate, you can easily conclude the success of your campaigns. 

As it is a crucial step, you have to track the metrics in terms of your long-term goals. As a marketer or an investor, you should also make sure whether your target audience is taking the right step or not. So, these metrics will be beneficial in determining ROI, generating more sales, and planning new strategies. 

Proper Budget Planning

If a business lacks proper budget planning, it can affect the marketing goals and ROI badly. Investing wisely is one of the important steps in building marketing strategies. You should have a clear idea of your income and spending at every stage of marketing. There is a need for monitoring and dividing overhead and production costs accordingly. 

Through the various tests, experiments, and comparisons, you can conclude the high-performing channels. You can try new engagement strategies on your websites, new methods of call-to-action, and work on customer research. These can help you in planning your future strategies and budgets.

Proper budget planning includes all the areas like SEO, content strategies, advertising, and setting benchmarks for goals. Through this, you can easily calculate and improve the ROI of your company. 

Experiments With Different Marketing Channels

Trying different experiments across channels can be effective in improving ROI. Some of the channels which you should test to determine high ROI are: 

These experiments will help you in providing beneficial insights and different opportunities to grow your business. 

A/B Testing 

A/B testing is a method of split testing, where you have to compare two web pages in terms of performance. Through this method, you can analyze the strategies which give better results. 

This test is applicable for elements of landing pages including website colors, call-to-action, navigational links, etc. Optimizing these elements is effective in knowing the changes that convert more audiences to buyers. You can also use A/B testing to improve your conversion rate and decrease the bounce rate of campaigns. 

Visit the blog, A/B testing guide to know more about it. 

Good Context 

Along with proper budget planning and tracking metrics, you should also focus on the quality of the content. It is important to deliver high-quality contents which are relatable to your target audience.  The contents should be responsible for engaging customers across the touchpoints and converting them to buyers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the good ROI for a business?

A good ROI is 7% for a business.

2. What are the better tools for measuring ROI?

Ruler Analytics, Cyfe, and Google Analytics are some of the best tools for measuring the performance of marketing or ROI.

3. Is it good to obtain a high ROI?

A company having a good or high ROI means the marketing campaigns have succeeded in converting the investments into profits.


In today’s world, ROI is important in every marketing campaign to monitor the effectiveness of each strategy. Most investors choose companies having good ROI. So, it’s necessary to improve your returns on investment in the company. 

Even though your ROI can’t be raised overnight, these strategies will have a great impact in initiating more marketing operations and gaining a high ROI. 

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