Instagram marketing trends

8 Best Instagram Marketing Trends of 2023

What’s your opinion about Instagram? As you know, Instagram is one of the great spaces for connecting with new people. You can easily share your moments through photos, videos, and reels on Instagram. 

It follows several trends that have a great role in advertising and creating content. If you are a beginner, you should be aware of these trends that will be beneficial for your content. 

9 Instagram marketing trends to help you grow in 2023 – Instagram marketing trends

Before jumping on to Instagram marketing trends, let’s revise the role and importance of Instagram in marketing.

Here’s the list of contents to be discussed in this article, let’s dive in, shall we

Role of Instagram in Marketing 

Instagram marketing trends
Role of Instagram in Marketing

Similar to Facebook, Instagram acts as the best place to share your thoughts and passion in many ways. It is popular due to its extensive features like IGTV, Reels, Posts, Videos, Explore tab, etc. These factors not only entertain people but also provide a great platform for advertisers. 

As it is significant for brand engagement, you can practice various marketing programs through Instagram. People get to know more about eCommerce sites through this platform. Product hashtags, tagging people, etc. are some other features that work great in marketing. 

Along with these, geotag posts and images also help in providing more information like sharing locations. You can even link your product pages with various posts. Through this, users will have a clear idea about the brands and products. It can build the audience’s trust and the credibility of the business. 

Instagram Marketing Trends

Instagram marketing trends
Instagram marketing trends

Longer Instagram Stories 

Even though Instagram stories don’t last more than 24 hours, it works well in grabbing attention. Stories help Instagram users to know more about the brand and the business. Instagram users mostly get attracted to stories with images and videos. 

Adding the features of effects and music helps the stories to stand out from others. So, most brands on Instagram add an average of 15 -16 stories. 

You can even add highlights that will help people to view your stories again while visiting the account. This has a great role in increasing the visibility and engagement of the websites and pages. 

New Branded Content Features

Creators and brands can easily connect through various branded content features. After several trials, Instagram has come up with some features or tools. It helps them to collaborate with various platforms for branding, partnerships, eCommerce, brands, etc. 

It also has a feature of partnership messages in the direct message section. This helps in managing the brands and content partnerships. Along with these, Instagram also allows brands to collect data. You can also use filters to select the right creators for your marketing campaigns. 

Instagram’s Shopathon

Shopping post on Instagram is always popular and useful. It can attract people scrolling the posts on it. Instagram shopping is a significant feature that helps eCommerce generate leads. This feature helps in generating a digital catalog that helps the users to know more about the product. It simplifies the process of buying products for customers within the app. 

Instagram statistics state that more than 130 million users select or tap on the shopping post per month. 

Using More Reels

Instagram Reels are short-form video contents that are unlike stories. These videos can be 60 seconds long that don’t disappear after 24 hours. The videos are similar to TikTok videos. 

People use reels with challenges, hashtags, and trending topics to make them more popular. Reels can be a great tool that can help in advertising brands or products. It can grab the attention of users by providing useful information about the product and services. 

You can create engaging Instagram reels with the help of editing options. These editing options include changing the background, caption, stickers, filters, etc. 

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Live Content

You might be eagerly waiting to watch the live stream of your favorite influencer on Instagram. But are you aware of its benefits in business? 

Live content on Instagram is becoming popular and trending day by day. It is a video that helps in giving in-depth information about the product and services. It helps in sharing educational content, displaying products, limited-time offers, and many more. 

One of the main advantages of live content is that followers get reminder messages about the live stream. It appears first in viewers’ stories. If you aim to increase reach and conversions, you can work on live content and posts. 

Explore Tab 

The Explore tab on Instagram gives personalized suggestions based on the keywords. It helps users to use Instagram more. It entertains users with interesting content in the form of posts, videos, reels, etc. 

People can easily find the contents as per their interests like food, travel, etc. It has an easy way of navigating people toward the posts. For getting more reach from the explore tab, you have to focus on hashtags and keywords and post them at the right time. 

Branded AR Effects

AR effects are computer-generated effects to convert images into real-life images. It has a great role in creating high-quality content. These AR effects have been used by many brands of cosmetics and other industries. 

It helps in promoting products and converting the leads to sales. These effects help in improving sales and customer expectations. 

Trustworthy Influencers

Are you aware of influencer marketing? It is one of the trending methods of advertising products and brands. It is a process in which external content creators or influencers engage and share the brand’s message. 

You can easily find many influencers on different social media platforms and blogs. Businesses seek their help to educate and recommend brands and products. 

To advertise brands through influencer marketing, you have to find the right influencer based on your niche. You have to choose a trustworthy and likable influencer or content creator. This can help in sharing relevant content. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of Instagram?

Instagram is used by 78% of marketers, as per Social Media Examiner. Instagram is now the second greatest popular platform for social media.

List out the best trends in Instagram marketing?

1. Longer Instagram Stories
2. New branded content features
3. Instagram's shopathon
4. Using more reels
5. Live content
6. Explore Tab
7. Branded AR effects
8. Trustworthy influencers

What are the advantages of live content on Instagram?

Live content on Instagram is becoming popular and trending day by day. One of the main advantages of live content is that followers get reminder messages about the live stream. It appears first in viewers’ stories. If you aim to increase the reach and conversions, you can work on live content and posts.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is a great place for building and promoting brands or products. These 8 Instagram marketing trends help in improving marketing strategies. It helps in presenting your ads with great quality. It also engages followers and drives more sales. 

As Instagram is changing day by day, the features and trends are also improving accordingly. It can help in grabbing more attention and growing sales. You can also visit this blog to know more about Instagram marketing trends. 

Are you aware of these Instagram marketing trends? What’s your opinion on these trends in marketing campaigns? Share your views through comments. 

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