Improve Facebook Lead Ads

8 Best Ways to Improve Your Facebook Lead Ads

Are you struggling to bring in the results and new leads you’ve expected to see from your Facebook Lead Ads? Do you need some fresh ideas for strategies to optimize your lead generation? You are not alone. Facebook can be a tricky advertising platform. The purpose behind lead ads is to help you collect information from prospects within the Facebook platform. If executed with an ROI-focused strategy, your lead ads can produce lots of high-quality leads at the end of the day.

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads?

What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead ads allow you to find people who may be interested in your products or services. After you find them, you can collect information from them. The information you can collect from possible audiences includes name, email address, phone number, and more. You can collect this information using an instant form.

Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads

To help you achieve your goals, we have listed some tips to improve your lead gen significantly. Let’s get right into it.

Best Ways to Improve Your Facebook Lead Ads
The Best Ways to Improve Your Facebook Lead Ads

There are 8 different and amazing ways to improve your Facebook lead ads

They are:

  1. Keep Text To A Minimum
  2. Include Relevant Offers
  3. Choose the Right Call to Action Button
  4. Optimize The Number of Fields
  5. Switch Between Images & Videos
  6. Set Up Retargeting
  7. Try Annotated Images
  8. A/B Test Your Ads Regularly

By following these methods, you are sure to improve your Facebook lead ads.

1 – Keep Text To A Minimum

Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads
Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads

While ad copy is typically concise and to the point, most ads will include as much relevant information as space allows. Well, that is not the case with lead ads. Keep the text to a minimum and gather as much information as possible about potential customers’ preferences and purchasing plans.

And since you will be keeping it short, be sure to get to the point and offer easily understandable form fields that will indicate their potential as customers. Also, many users may still be unfamiliar with the pre-filled pop-up form. So, guide them with a line like, “Facebook will automatically fill in the form, so all you gotta do is click Submit!”

2 – Include Relevant Offers

Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads
Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads

Marketing professionals understand a basic human tendency. If you provide something of equal or more value, users are more likely to share their personal information

So, it’s to your advantage to ensure your Facebook lead ads offer something beneficial, such as discount coupons, access to a premium newsletter, free guides, etc. Let the audience know they are getting something relevant and of good value–something motivating enough for them to fill in the lead generation form.

3 – Choose the Right Call to Action Button

Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads
Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads

For Facebook lead ads, the default CTA button is “Learn More,” which might not be an appropriate choice for your ad form. You’ll find a list of CTA options available, and you’ll want to be sure to select the option that fits your purpose.

If you offer a user a free guide to submit the form, choose the CTA “Download.” If your lead ad form is about a webinar registration, the CTA you’ll select will be “Book Now,” and so on. You’ll know the right option when you see it!

4 – Optimize the Number of Fields

Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads
Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads

The more fields for people to fill in on your lead form, the less likely they will do it–although, for those who do, you can count them as high-quality leads. If your lead form has fewer fields to fill, you’ll have more leads but of lesser quality.

So, if you have an automation program ready to attend to and qualify leads, you can enjoy both higher quality leads and more of them. But, without such a program in place, you may be better off considering your goals and setting the field number accordingly.

5 – Switch Between Images & Videos

Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads
Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads

In some cases, you can get better results with videos than images. Videos can be more engaging and convey more information quickly. Stay creative with your lead ads and work with both videos and images–whatever gets results. Both mediums can tell your story and get your point across.

One effective technique is to include video testimonials in your lead ads. Testimonials build trust with new users and establish credibility and authority. There are many free tools online that can walk you through how to create short, 10-second videos in very little time.

6 – Set Up Retargeting

Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads
Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads

By setting up a retargeting campaign, you get another chance at converting visitors who visited your website or showed interest in your products but did not convert. As these users have already visited your site, they are automatically qualified.

You can attract these users back to your site with a lead magnet such as a free eBook download, cheat sheet, discount coupon, etc. They’re already familiar with you, so you can keep it short and sweet and ask for only the most relevant details like their name and contact info.

7 – Try Annotated Images

Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads
Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads

When we scroll through Facebook posts, we often pay more attention to the image and ignore the text above the image. But if you include annotated images, the text portion becomes part of the image, with a much better chance of being viewed.

Try taking an appealing image and annotating it with catchy text and eye-pleasing font color. Annotated images often attract and hold viewers’ attention better than regular imaging. Check and compare to see if the annotated imaging generates more engagement than your previous ads with routine imaging.

8 – A/B Test Your Ads Regularly

Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads
Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads

To reduce your cost per lead (CPL), be sure to A/B test your ads. You can A/B test multiple elements such as images, videos, texts, headlines, and even bidding strategies to get maximum results at a minimal charge.

The trick here is simple. Test one element at a time, evaluate the results, and note what’s working best for your audiences in your success book. When it comes time to launch a new lead ad campaign, you can implement the winning strategies and optimize your campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

List the ways to improve facebook ads

1. Keep text to a minimum
2. Include Relevant offers
3. Choose the right call to action button
4. Optimize the number of fields
5. Switch between images and videos
6. Set up retargeting
7. Try annotated images
8. A/B Test your ads regularly

What is the lead generation ads on Facebook?

The lead generation ads on Facebook is also called an instant form. In order to share basic information the instant form helps you. This instant forms are especially useful for mobile users as they are spending much time on their phones.

Why Facebook ads need to keep text to a minimum?

While ad copy is typically concise and to the point, most ads will include as much relevant information as space allows.

Time to Capture Some Red Hot Leads!

Lead generation using Facebook lead Ads is an easy, cost-effective process compared to other lead gen techniques. Remember, frequent testing and analysis of your ad campaigns will help you optimize ad performance. Take the time to assess what is working for you (and what isn’t) and incorporate those insights into new and improved strategies to capture leads.

If you want more leads, go ahead and implement the points discussed above for more qualified leads and higher visibility for your brand. And have a great time advertising on Facebook!

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