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What Is KPI Marketing? 5 KPI Tracking Tools To Know

“If you measure it, you can improve,” is a quote from Peter Drucker. It emphasizes the measurement needed for improvement. One such tool is a KPI, which is an essential marketing tool to measure the success of your business.

Measuring KPI helps you to identify the opportunities to grow. It helps to find the different aspects of specifications in the different business objectives. You may enhance the business by measuring the KPIs

What Is KPI Marketing?

KPI, which stands for Key Performance Indicators, was a mystical tool that helped marketing professionals evaluate the achievement of their hard work and guide them on a way to succeed. which tracks your business and helps you determine the effectiveness of your business marketing and sales efforts. 

KPI marketing configures the suits you need for your business and individual teams. It can assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. They are useful resources for making decisions and calculating the return on your marketing investment. As a result, after creating and maintaining a marketing strategy, the final step is to assess its effectiveness.

Key Performance Indicators Commonly Track The Following:

  • Income – KPIs track average profits, total income, and potential buyers.
  • The statistics of employment: It includes the turnover of employees, performance, and vacancies.
  • Customer Service: It records the average call time, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 
  • Performance: It helps to improve overall performance, departmental processes, and individual efficiency. 

How To Measure KPIs? 

KPI Marketing
How To Measure KPI

It is important to know how to measure a KPI, which helps to set a specific goal. When you focus on the right KPI marketing, it is necessary to design a narrow scope. 

You should concern yourself more with tracking the share price and profit. 

Points To Remember While Measuring KPI:

  • Most enterprises use business analytics and reporting tools to track KPIs. These tools gather data and present it in reports with numerical representations of the evaluated performance levels. 
  • Performance indicators are often presented to executives in the form of performance scoreboards and intelligence dashboards in many organizations for easy examination and evaluation of all areas of the business.
  • Performance indicators are often presented to executives in the form of performance scoreboards and intelligence dashboards in many organizations for easy examination and evaluation of all areas of the business. 
  • Executives use the data to assess how the business is performing and how far they have come toward meeting the company’s overall goals.
  • Some KPIs can be changed or eliminated if they are no longer useful. KPI marketing development and refinement will be a continuous process. Some KPIs will become more important as time passes, while others will become less.
  • Using KPIs will teach you how to fine-tune them to produce the most useful measurements. As with any professional business tool, you will improve your ability to identify and implement KPIs in the most efficient manner possible.

What Are The Tools Used to Measure KPI?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) assess how effective your company is at meeting its objectives, so it’s critical to find high-performance software that provides a holistic view of your entire business, not just individual departments.

#1 Geokoboard KPI Tracking Tool

For businesses, Geckoboard offers a slick live KPI tracking dashboard. It has a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create their own visual dashboards across a variety of metrics.

Geckoboard KPI Tracking Tool
Geckoboard KPI Marketing Tool

Geckoboard is an excellent choice for businesses that keep their groups laser-focused on results by displaying full-screen dashboards on a TV screen.

Geckoboard is designed for fast-paced teams that find it difficult to focus on the most important aspects of their business. It includes popular business software which includes Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Shopify.

The software uses data from those programs to generate visually appealing visualizations of your most important metrics.

#2 Zoho KPI Tracking Tool

Zoho is a popular KPI tracking solution. While there is a learning curve, Zoho helps to create personal scorecards for your entire company.

Zoho KPI Tracking Tool
Zoho KPI Marketing Tool

Their website can appear intimidating due to the fact that they have products for every aspect of a business, including advertising, sales, the larger society, services, planning, and commerce.

You’ll need to spend some time sorting through the various options they provide to find the ideal combination of software packages for your business, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal.

#3 Tableau KPI Tracking Tool

Tableau is an analytics and KPI tracking tool that comes with a variety of pre-prepared KPI templates that you can use to track your own business.

Tableau KPI Tracking Tool
Tableau KPI Marketing Tool

Tableau is designed specifically for retail and e-commerce operations, but it also includes a wide range of features that any business would find useful.

Tableau connects directly to your business databases and generates real-time insights. It can also combine data from various sources, including Salesforce, Analytics, and even Excel. The system then combines the data to generate informative and actionable insights into your company’s health.

#4 Simple KPI Tracking Tool

SimpleKPI is a fantastic place to start for businesses looking to begin tracking key indicators with KPI tools. As the name implies, the software is intended.

Simple KPI tracking tool
Simple KPI Marketing tool

It can track a variety of metrics, such as financial metrics, marketing metrics, operational metrics, and service metrics. It is a complete package that is appropriate for business owners in almost any business.

It combines with a wide range of popular pieces of software and provides customers with 24-hour support. SimpleKPI, like Geckoboard, has a full-screen option for displaying KPIs to your teams in real-time.

#5 Asana KPI Tracking Tool

Asana is an absolutely superb tool for creating simple, project-based KPIs. As an all-in-one project management solution, Asana allows you to keep track of tasks, projects, conversations, and scorecards.

Asana KPI tracking tool
Asana KPI Marketing tool

Asana’s “card” system is used to track various projects. You can add mission objectives, due dates, and team members who are in charge of completing the tasks to each card.

Asana’s KPI tracking system is referred to as “OKR,” which stands for objectives and key results. Administrators in the OKR system can create various tasks with objectives connected to them.

Their dashboard offers a variety of strategic overviews which you can use to track your development on each of your specific activities.

What are the Types of KPIs?

Type of KPIDescription
FinancialKPIs related to financial performance, such as revenue, profit margin, return on investment (ROI), gross/net income, cash flow, and earnings per share (EPS).
OperationalKPIs that measure operational efficiency, including production output, cycle time, defect rate, equipment downtime, and customer satisfaction.
Customer-relatedKPIs focus on customer experiences and satisfaction, such as customer retention rate, customer lifetime value (CLTV), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and complaints.
Sales and MarketingKPIs related to sales and marketing efforts, like sales revenue, conversion rate, customer acquisition cost (CAC), market share, lead generation, and conversion rate.
Human ResourcesKPIs assessing employee performance and development, including employee turnover rate, training hours per employee, employee satisfaction, and productivity.
QualityKPIs measure product or service quality, such as defect rate, customer complaints, warranty claims, and adherence to quality standards.
Health and SafetyKPIs monitoring workplace health and safety, like accident frequency rate, lost time injury rate (LTIR), near-miss incidents, and safety compliance.
IT and TechnologyKPIs related to IT systems and technology performance, such as system uptime, response time, software bugs, infrastructure cost, and cybersecurity incidents.

What Are The Benefits of Using KPI?

What are the benefits of Using KPI?
What are the benefits of Using KPI?
  • Clarification – KPIs aid in clarifying the current state of the business and performance expectations.
  • Benchmarking – KPIs serve as a point for future or historical comparisons.
  • Focus – KPIs outline the critical aspects of the business that require attention.
  • KPIs allow a systematic approach to meeting business objectives.
  • KPIs motivate employees by connecting them to the company’s goals.
  • Accountability – KPIs will bring to light both good and poor performance.
  • Waste elimination – KPIs assist in identifying inefficiencies within the business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a key performance indicator for an employee?

Set key performance indicators for employees, roles, or departments to objectively measure performance. KPIs are norms or targets that can be tracked and used to measure success. They also help employees focus and understand what is expected of them.

2. What constitutes a successful KPI?

A key performance indicator (KPI) should be simple and elegant, straightforward, and easy to measure. According to business analytics expert Jay Liebowitz, an effective KPI "prompts decisions, not additional questions."

3. How are marketing key performance indicators calculated?

You can calculate KPI by taking your annual total sales and deducting the total revenue from sales obtained through inbound marketing.

Wrapping Up

Now, it is time to analyze what you have gained. We came to the conclusion that KPI is the best indicator that helps to enhance your business to grow even more in an excellent manner. 

KPI can be done with the help of some tools, and also we have gone through it. To harvest the benefits of using the KPI tracking tool, you must remember the points while tracking the KPI. Do share your experience of using the tracking tool of KPI.

Liked it? Check out our other blogs too! Until then Goodbye!

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